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With Weaver Construction, you can rest assured that your roof installation project is in capable hands.

Top Roofing Installation Services

Getting your roof installed correctly the first time is very important as it’s something that you can get every day. That is why you should only hire professionals so that you get the best installation. This will save you from a lot of issues like damage and leakages in the future.

Best Roofing Installation Services In Denver CO
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Best Roofing Repair Services - Durable Roofs

If the roof is not repaired durably, then it will leak again and with more intensity. An improper repair will cause more harm than good as it will allow the water to leak without you knowing about it. That is why you should get reliable repairs from us.

Roof Inspection Services - Ensure Your Roof Integrity

A roof can look good from the outside even when it’s damaged from below and has issues like wood rot. To ensure that your roof is not facing issues like that, you should get roof inspection services regularly. Weaver Construction LLC provides thorough inspection services in the area to help you maintain your roof’s integrity.

Skylight Repair Services - Safety First

Repairing a skylight bears a lot of responsibility as you are repairing a piece of glass that will be placed on the roof. We ensure that the glass is perfectly and firmly placed in place and has no chance of falling out. We also ensure that you get the most sunlight through the repaired skylight.

Siding Repair Services - Maximum Protection

Siding protects your home’s walls but damaged siding won’t. You can also be assured that your walls are safe if your siding is not damaged. We repair all sorts of sidings in Parker, CO. We ensure that there are no cracks or damaged parts in your siding which can result in leakage or any other water damage issues.

Best Roof Repair For Storm And Wind Damage

Damage done to roofs by storm and wind damage is often extensive. You will need real professionals to help you with this damage. We are a credible company that has all the tools and equipment to repair the worst damage caused by harsh weather conditions.

Window repairs services - maximum energy efficiency

Windows aren’t just there to provide fresh air to your home. They also play a huge role in stopping any interior air from leaking. This keeps your interior temperature at a comfortable level and puts less load on your cooling and heating systems. Eventually leading to more energy efficiency.

Fast window replacements

You don’t have to wait for a long time to get your windows replaced. We provide fast and reliable replacements in Parker, Co. Our professionals have the right tools to quickly remove the old windows and install the new ones reliably. So, don’t waste time and call us now.

Affordable Door repairs services

Our doors go through a lot. From everyday closing and opening to slamming’s, they bear a lot. Because of this wear and tear, they often get damaged and need repairs. We provide the most affordable repairs so that everyone can get their doors repaired without spending huge amounts of money.

Gutter Installation Services - zero water damage

Without gutters, your home will get water damage and your foundations might also get weak due to the seeping water from the sides. To protect your home form water damage and foundational damage you should get gutters installed on your roof as soon as possible.

Siding Installation Services - Increase curb appeal

Sidings should not be installed only for protection. You should keep in mind the visual appeal of your home. After all, this is the first thing that people notice. We have done countless installations and give valuable suggestions to our customers to achieve the best looks with their sidings.

Windows Install Services - Proper ventilation

Proper window installation is important for maximum ventilation. We have a vast knowledge of the field and will install your windows for maximum ventilation.
With careful assessment and planning, we will come up with the best placement that will make your home comfortable and airy.

Doors Install Services that you can trust

Doors are the first safety feature of your home. It is crucial that your doors are installed reliably. We install doors with extreme attention to detail. Our experts ensure that the door is perfectly fitted and has no loose hinges that can compromise the security of your home.

Increased home value with our Paint Exterior Services

Do you know that you can increase your home’s value by getting it painted by professionals? Our experts will paint your house so it fits perfectly with the surroundings. You will get more value for it if you decide to sell it in the future. Contact us now and make your home stand out.

Better mood with our Paint Interior Services

Interior designs and colors are proven to affect our mood. You can get the best interior paint that will significantly improve your overall mood and decrease your stress level. We will provide a paint that is according to your taste and preference. We provide our services in Parker, CO.

Why choose us

Weaver Construction LLC is a professional company that has been providing quality services in Parker, CO.We provide a wide range of services which include but are not limited to interior painting, exterior painting, door installation, window installation, siding installation & repair, window replacements, skylight maintenance & repair, roof installation, roof repair, maintenance, inspections, and a lot more. We have achieved a 100% customer satisfaction ratio with our customer-first approach and dedication to our work. With us, you will have peace of mind that the job is in the hands of seasoned professionals. Call us now and get comprehensive services in Parker, CO.

What Our Clients Says
Gary Kingsbury
Gary Kingsbury
I wanted to share a great experience I just had with Weaver Construction. They just installed a new roof in 1 day. Their clean up after the roof replacement was great-wouldn't have known they were there if it wasn't for the awesome new roof. Rob was incredible throughout the process, handled the insurance company, kept in constant contact, I didn't have to worry about anything. Rob even found damage to other items that I didn't even notice. Overall great experience! Thanks, Gary Kingsbury
Suze Blanckaert
Suze Blanckaert
Rob was very detailed in helping me with my roof claim. I appreciate his honesty and integrity. I appreciated his help and it was above and beyond.
Professional, ethical, high quality, punctual, easy to work with company! I highly recommend them!
kimberly strat
kimberly strat
Chris & his team were truly the best! Can’t recommend them enough. Chris is incredibly kind & friendly and the contractors on his team are exceptional at what they do! We had them install new siding, a new front door, and paint the home and we LOVE it! Will be recommending his company to all our friends & family!
Adam Kremers
Adam Kremers
Replaced my master shower. Perfect. Clean. Easy to work with. My go-to!
Jason Welbourne
Jason Welbourne
Very personal, loved working with Chris. Would recommend to everyone.
Logan Miles
Logan Miles
My wife and I have worked with Weaver Construction on several projects (painted a house, bar remodel, roof repairs), and certainly will on several more. Chris is friendly, attentive, and cares about the quality of work. I really appreciate that if Chris says he'll take care of something, I have complete confidence it will be done just as he says.
Theo Stein
Theo Stein
Chris's crew arrived on time, were quick, did very good work, finished early and left a clean job site. Recommended.
Geovanni Vaiana
Geovanni Vaiana
We had a great experience with Weaver Construction. Chris was very attentive and has a great attention to detail
Terry Mcclain
Terry Mcclain
Rob Rob was very helpful and helping me with my claim on my roof at my house and the roof on my truck. Excellent project managers from what I’ve seen so far.