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Roofing Services Littleton, CO

With Weaver Construction, you can rest assured that your roof installation project is in capable hands.

Roofing Installation Services Littleton, CO

Roofs are one of the most important parts of your home and that is why you should get them installed only by professionals. Getting a professional installation will ensure that all your investment is safe and that you are getting the full value out of your investment. Call us now in Littleton, CO.

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No more frustrating leaks - Roofing Repair Services

A leak in your roof can be really annoying and frustrating. It can also leave a bad impression if you have guests at your home. Weaver Construction LLC is a professional company that provides the most reliable and long-lasting roof repairs. You will not experience a leak from the same area that we have repaired.

Roof Inspection Services - Thorough & Detailed Inspection

A detailed inspection will highlight all the hidden issues on your roof. Knowing all these issues in advance gives you the opportunity to fix them in time and avoid extensive damage and repairs in the future. Contact us now in Littleton, CO, and get your roof thoroughly inspected.

Maximum light with our Skylight Repair Services

A damaged skylight can block the amount of light that comes into your home plus it can be very dangerous as it can fall anytime. Getting it fixed is crucial for optimal sunlight and for the safety of your loved ones. You can call our experts for a quick fix and other advice.

Avoid water damage with our Siding Repair Services

Having cracked or warped sides is a perfect recipe for disaster. These damaged sides will result in mold growth in no time. As soon as the water gets in contact with the interior it will boost the mold growth. To ensure that it doesn’t happen you should get it fixed as soon as possible.

Comprehensive Roof Repair For Storm And Wind Damage

Fallen branches, holes & cracks, uprooted shingles, and missing panels, all these are the types of damage that you can experience in the event of a storm or hurricane. If you have such damage on your roof then don’t worry as we have got you covered and can provide all these repairs.

Ensure safety with window repairs services

Broken or loose windows can be very dangerous especially if you have kids and pets at home. These can easily cause cuts and other injuries if not taken proper care. That is why you should contact your nearest experts so that they repair the windows and can make them safe.

Increased curb appeal with window replacements

Old windows will make your home look ugly and decrease the overall value. You can increase your home value and make it more attractive by getting our window replacements services in Littleton, CO. We will suggest the best designs and colors depending on the home design and your preferences.

Get rid of screeching noises - Door repairs services

Doors often start to make screeching noises and after some time lubricating them won’t be enough. In such a case, you will need a professional who can replace the old hinges and ensure that the door functions without making any noise. Our experts can do just that for you.

Save money with our Gutter Installation Services

Not having gutters on your roof means that all the water from your roof is dripping on the sides of your walls. This water will then seep down into the ground and cause damage to your foundation. Repairing that will be very expensive. That is why you should get gutters installed by our experts in Littleton, CO.

Siding Installation Services - Flawless Siding Guaranteed!

Installing sides isn’t just about placing the sides and attaching them with adhesives. A lot goes into a proper installation. Our experts have years of experience and follow all the industry’s best practices to provide a flawless and reliable side. This siding will last for years without any issues and with minimum maintenance.

Affordable Windows Install Services

Many people avoid getting a professional window installation service despite knowing the benefits of it. The reason is the high fees that professionals charge. But not with us, as we provide the most affordable installation in Littleton, CO. You will get the most reliable installation and at the same time save a lot of your money.

Customizes Doors with our Doors Install Services

When it comes to doors it’s not “one size fits all”. Every homeowner wants a unique door that is tailored specifically to their needs and requirements. We provide customized door installations in the area so that our customers can have the exact same door that they have in mind.

Paint Exterior Services - Protect Your Exterior

Painting your exterior with durable paint is a cost-effective and reliable way to protect your exteriors from all the elements. Our professionals will use only the best and tried painting materials to ensure that you get lasting protection against harsh weather conditions. Call us now and get your exteriors painted in Littleton, CO.

Paint Interior Services - Interior That You Dream Of!

Everyone wants an interior that matches their style and design taste. To fulfill this requirement, we provide personalized interior painting. Our experts will discuss the painting plan and make changes as per your liking. This will result in a paint job that you will love. You can contact us for a free consultation.

Why choose us

Weaver Construction LLC is a credible company that has been in the business for years. Our professionals have worked on a wide range of projects which makes them stand out from the rest of the competition. With this vast knowledge and hands-on experience we can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Our professionals can provide a wide range of services including roof repair, roof maintenance, siding installation & repair, painting services, doors, windows, and more. Call us now in Littleton, CO, and get credible services.

What Our Clients Says
Gary Kingsbury
Gary Kingsbury
I wanted to share a great experience I just had with Weaver Construction. They just installed a new roof in 1 day. Their clean up after the roof replacement was great-wouldn't have known they were there if it wasn't for the awesome new roof. Rob was incredible throughout the process, handled the insurance company, kept in constant contact, I didn't have to worry about anything. Rob even found damage to other items that I didn't even notice. Overall great experience! Thanks, Gary Kingsbury
Suze Blanckaert
Suze Blanckaert
Rob was very detailed in helping me with my roof claim. I appreciate his honesty and integrity. I appreciated his help and it was above and beyond.
Professional, ethical, high quality, punctual, easy to work with company! I highly recommend them!
kimberly strat
kimberly strat
Chris & his team were truly the best! Can’t recommend them enough. Chris is incredibly kind & friendly and the contractors on his team are exceptional at what they do! We had them install new siding, a new front door, and paint the home and we LOVE it! Will be recommending his company to all our friends & family!
Adam Kremers
Adam Kremers
Replaced my master shower. Perfect. Clean. Easy to work with. My go-to!
Jason Welbourne
Jason Welbourne
Very personal, loved working with Chris. Would recommend to everyone.
Logan Miles
Logan Miles
My wife and I have worked with Weaver Construction on several projects (painted a house, bar remodel, roof repairs), and certainly will on several more. Chris is friendly, attentive, and cares about the quality of work. I really appreciate that if Chris says he'll take care of something, I have complete confidence it will be done just as he says.
Theo Stein
Theo Stein
Chris's crew arrived on time, were quick, did very good work, finished early and left a clean job site. Recommended.
Geovanni Vaiana
Geovanni Vaiana
We had a great experience with Weaver Construction. Chris was very attentive and has a great attention to detail
Terry Mcclain
Terry Mcclain
Rob Rob was very helpful and helping me with my claim on my roof at my house and the roof on my truck. Excellent project managers from what I’ve seen so far.